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AFHC College Recruiting

Starting in 8th grade, Elizabeth works closely with all club athletes interested in playing field hockey in the NCAA to understand their options, determine their aspirations, and achieve their goals. Below is some basic information on college recruiting and an outline of these services, which are available to all members of Atlanta Field Hockey Club! Ultimately, it is the athlete’s job to want it, drive it, play well, be honest, and be herself throughout the process.

Recruiting Timeline

AFHC Recruiting Support



  • Meeting routinely with parents & players at the beginning of each season

  • Having informal meetings/conversations with the player as needed throughout the process (check-ins, before/after a tournament, before/after a call or campus visit, during the final decision process)

Being Seen

  • Attending the appropriate tournaments as a club for college coaches to watch athletes and for athletes to receive game film (see next section)

  • Advising athletes on which camps & clinics to attend and when to maximize effectiveness and cost


School Selection

  • Understanding what the athlete is looking for in a college and in college field hockey 

  • Helping the athlete understand what options are available to them and what playing in each NCAA division entails

  • Building, evaluating, and updating school lists

Highlight Film

  • ​​​Evaluating game clips and suggesting what to include in the video

  • Building highlight videos after each tournament, as needed

  • Publishing videos on Atlanta FHC's YouTube Channel for easy access & sharing


Coach Communication

  • Providing guidance on when to communicate with coaches & what to share

  • Helping prepare for phone/video calls with coaches & campus visits

  • Speaking to coaches about the athlete, when appropriate

Recent AFHC Grads

Ria Patel '23

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Catalina Rubel '22

Lafayette College

Margaret & Sophie Cover '23

Washington and Lee University

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